When it comes to jealousy i selected concentration of Facebook play with, gender, and you may like since handle variables

When it comes to jealousy i selected concentration of Facebook play with, gender, and you may like since handle variables

Based on Muise mais aussi al. (2009) it’s going more extreme Myspace play with is related to increased envy. Also, off Fb Power, it’s heading one, just in case you use Myspace significantly more intensively, it will be more important to point its matchmaking condition publicly. We found advantageous to plus manage sex. On such basis as earlier in the day studies (Mathes and you may Severa, 1981) with this scale, guys sense more jealousy than just women. Additionally, it had been important to tend to be sex within data because the Fox mais aussi al. (2013) learned that (1) ladies spotted are “Myspace official” just like the a very important step in the connection than simply males; (2) people, over guys, thought that getting Twitter specialized means that the connection is different; and you will (3) women have been expected to accept that individuals find when good couple happens as the “Fb Official.” For this reason, dealing with sex they can be handy in order to assess the independent impact off dating reputation towards the envy. Finally, like was also entered since the manage changeable, since earlier in the day show (Mathes and you can Severa, 1981) ideal you to definitely like and envy is actually undoubtedly connected.


The total attempt contained 532 Hungarian members (380 ladies), aged ranging from sixteen and you will 69 many years (M = , SD = 6.94). Respondents had been employed from the publish an on-line survey hook on the Fb. One of them, we chose a good subsample (N = 292 (230 lady) ranging anywhere between 16 and you may 69 ages-dated (Meters = , SD = 6.62) exactly who, in line with the online survey, was indeed already into the a romance. To help you evaluate matchmaking condition, respondents of the online survey replied the following matter: “Are you relationship having an intimate partner and/or staying in a romance?” from the choosing the adopting the solutions: “Lettero” (Letter = 181, 34.7%), “As an alternative no” (Letter = 23, cuatro.3%), “As an alternative sure” (N = 29, 5.8%), “Yes” (Letter = 292, 55.1%). I merely assessed the details of your those who answered “Yes” compared to that question. Contained in this subsample 66 (twenty-two.6%) participants exhibited little within relationships updates, 8 (2.7%) shown “Single,” 179 (61.3%) demonstrated “For the a relationship,” 12 (cuatro.1%) demonstrated “Engaged,” and you may twenty seven participants (9.2%) presented “Partnered.” In the regression data, participants from the class are those exactly who conveyed a relationship updates on Facebook, by the proclaiming sometimes “From inside the a love” otherwise “Engaged” otherwise “Married.” There were no intercourse variations off dimensions of common dating statuses. The typical amount of the latest respondents’ relationships was days (SD = ). 9 participants (step 3.6%) got a simple college training, thirteen (17.4%) got a professional college education, 150 (59.3%) had a top-college or university degree, and you may 81 (32%) got a higher knowledge degree. Among them just seven participants’ spouse hasn’t had a fb reputation.

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Data gathering And you will Actions

The newest dataset is collected of the a fb software according to Kosinski and you may Stillwell’s myPersonality software (Kosinski and you will Rust, 2011; Kosinski and you can Stillwell, 2012). The latest Concerto program was provided with the Psychometric Cardiovascular system out-of University from Cambridge, which acceptance me to and acquire Facebook associate suggestions such as for example relationships reputation. Furthermore, professionals got a customized views to the bills that they complete, in exchange for the time and effort. Before you begin the survey, participants received detailed information regarding studies and you will a list of personal data gained off their Twitter profiles. Subsequently, participants comprehend and acknowledged the brand new advised consent.

The scales utilized have been interpreted, and you will back-translated from the Nafradi and you will Orosz (when preparing) adopting the Beaton et al. (2000) process. The initial measure is the Rubin’s (1970) Intimate Like Scale (Nafradi and you will Orosz, when preparing). The Hungarian version enjoys a factor and it contains 7 factors (? = 0.83; step 1 = “not at all genuine/disagree entirely”; nine = “needless to say correct/consent totally”) 3 . While this scale are created if you are factorically unitary, they covers about three areas of romantic like: (a) affiliative and you can depending you would like, (b) predisposition to help, (c) exclusiveness and assimilation. The second measure ‘s the Hungarian sort of Mathes and you may Severa’s (1981) Interpersonal Jealousy Level boasts a dozen facts. It has about three things: envy towards old boyfriend-partner (We be unfortunate basically come across a picture from the X and you will his/the girl ex boyfriend-partner), exclusivity (i.age., I feel possessive to the X), and you can forecast cheating [I don’t accept that if X do flirt which have anybody off opposite gender (R)]. In today’s study, the new subscales just weren’t broke up. Rather, we used the aggregated scores of the 3 affairs (? = 0.84; step one = “certainly untrue/differ totally”; six = “seriously real/agree entirely”) cuatro . The final scale is Fb Strength Scale (FBI; Ellison mais aussi al., 2007), and therefore assesses mind-reported analysis regarding the extent to which people engage in Fb things. So it size is actually needed due to the fact upload relationship condition can be more strongly related intensive Facebook users than simply faster rigorous of those. Ergo, variations about this aspect have affect the brand new inclination to help you post-relationship condition. The brand new FBI is interpreted so you’re able to Hungarian on over-stated trends. It level contains eight issues (? = 0.78) having about three local hookup in Tulsa additional Likert-kind of scales (to own details get a hold of Ellison ainsi que al., 2007). Inside the sum, the latest bills used possess an effective construct authenticity and therefore are reputable with respect to its internal consistency.

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